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Enchanting Elegance and Breathtaking
Views in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a beautiful country with a lot to offer any traveler. The country's economic status is clearly defined as above most other countries giving Luxembourg a high standard of living and similarly high prices. However, the accommodations in Luxembourg are fantastic. The architecture is clean and crisp with a hint of an ancient town. Stone and rock formations are very common in the country along with flowing green hills and mysterious forests. This is also a country of vineyards so the wine is excellent, and the vineyard give a beautiful view to the scenery of the countryside.


The capital of Luxembourg is the city of Luxembourg. A guide can help you navigate the city to your favorite attractions and restaurants. The city has a lot to observe and explore like the Casemates Block, an underground fortification of tunnels that is currently marked as a World Heritage Site. The Ville Basse occurred because of the soft sandstone surrounding the Alzette River in Luxembourg. The river has diminished in size leaving a large basin that is quite breathtaking to observe. The Numunster Abbey with an impressive steeple and architectural layout is a great place to observe Luxembourg's unique designs and styles. The town is also filled with marketplaces and shops where you can buy a number of things including clothing, food, and unique souvenir trinkets.


Most visitors will probably be interested in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It was completed in 1618 and is a grand piece of architecture in the city. The most notable museum in Luxembourg is the MUDAM, an acronym for Musee d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc. This museum showcases brilliant pieces of art and also has a changing international exhibition. The best time to visit is during the off season on a weekday afternoon. The Sofitel Hotel and Bar offers one of the most grand views of the city and is great for a quick drink or a meal.


For more information on hotel accommodations, restaurants, and flights, a travel guide can be viewed on video or in book format to give you more detailed information about what you will find in this luxurious and elegant country. Luxembourgish is the official language in the country, but many people speak German and French. Some natives are well versed in English as well. The currency in Luxembourg is the Euro so if you are not familiar with this currency, it is a good idea to find out the current exchange rates to prepare for travel.

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