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Anyone interested in a visit to the tiny country of Luxembourg is likely to spend a portion of their trip in the country's capital city, which is also called Luxembourg. One thing you will notice immediately about any Luxembourg travel is the fact that it is always a bit opulent, and this is due to the fact that the nation is the third wealthiest in the entire world!

Another thing that a traveler to Luxembourg notices is the spectacular landscape surrounding the city, and this has led to the nickname of the “Gibraltar of the North” being used to describe the gorgeous setting. Though the city itself is divided into 24 areas, the primary tourism is within only four of these districts. Luxembourg travel tends to include only Ville Haute, Ville Basse, Gare, and Kirchberg.

Within these lovely districts a visitor will see the city's old or medieval center, the impressive gorge that cuts the city in half, the station district that is home to amazing restaurants and shops, and the most modern part of the city which happens to be the home of the European Union headquarters as well.

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The city was founded around 960, and today the “Bock” still remains. This is the point upon which the original settlement castles were built, and there are still ancient fortifications available for those doing a bit of Luxembourg travel and touring. There is also the Grand Ducal Palace that is open to tourists only six weeks per year – when the Grand Duke and his family are on holiday.

There is no “tourism season” in Luxembourg and the weather is generally comfortable and predictable. Many Europeans visit the city, and it is usually during the July and August months when the Grand Ducal Palace is open and the weather at its summer peak.