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Welcome to City of Bitola

Tucked into the Balkans, the Republic of Macedonia is one of the last undiscovered wonders of Europe, and one of its loveliest and most enjoyable cities is Bitola. It is the second largest city in the country and offers up one of the most unique atmospheres imaginable.

Bitola travel means stepping back into a very distinct nineteenth-century European atmosphere that seems to somehow still fill the city's streets. Here a traveler will encounter Ottoman architecture, an Old Bazaar, a Turkish Bath, several historic mosques, a Renaissance-era Clock Tower, and generally one of the most comfortable and appealing towns in the region. Many people immediately comment that Bitola travel exposes someone to the ethnic and architectural heritage of the region, and this all has to do with the fact that the city was the home of diplomacy, or the “city of consuls”, during the 18 th through the 20 th centuries. Today the area known as “The Consulates” serves as a reminder of that era and allows visitors to see the gorgeous architecture used to construct the French, British, Austrian, Serbian and Greek consulates.


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Sightseeing Of Bitola

In Bitola you will also find many different buildings, restaurants, and shops reflecting the Turkish, Mediterranean, Macedonian, Albanian, Muslim, and Orthodox cultures that peacefully co-exist within the city too. In fact, the Shirok Sokak Street is the primary pedestrian area offering up a sample of almost all of the different influences from the region. It is here that so many travelers come to enjoy the cafes, historic sites, museums, parks, schools, fountains, and “people watching” that makes Bitola travel so remarkable and enjoyable.

There is no true tourist season for those doing a bit of Bitola travel. Many visitors make a point of heading to Pelister National Park while in the region, but the weather conditions make it a comfortable journey at any time of year.