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Welcome to City of Ohrid

If you are planning a bit of Ohrid travel, you already know that you are heading to the Republic of Macedonia. Though this entire country is well-known as a place of impressive natural beauty and fantastic historical significance, the city of Ohrid is even more impressive. It was selected as a UNESCO heritage site in 1980, which means that the entire town (along with nearby Lake Ohrid) is seen as a place of cultural, natural and common heritage to all humanity. This makes sense when you realize that Ohrid is now recognized as one of the oldest human settlements in Europe.

Ohrid travel means historical sites as well as natural beauty. The city is mentioned in ancient Greek literature as far back as 353 BC, and was then called the “city of light”. One only has to stand on the shores of the lake after sunset to understand why it earned such a title. Built upon a hill, the city reflects beautifully into the still waters of the lake, even though there is not a lot of modern development in town. The development in the town is marked by distinctive architectural styles, and Robevci and Uranija houses are acknowledged as prime examples of Ohrid's “traditional” architectural forms.


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Sightseeing Of Ohrid

Most travelers tour Ohrid on foot and walk from the main square to St. Sophia Church, King Samuil's Fortress, the Antique Theater, the St. John Kaneo church, and St. Pantelejmon too. The Old Bazaar is not to be missed; especially the gorgeous fountain and the 1,000 year-old tree in the heart of the marketplace. Here is where you can easily find a few mementos to document your Ohrid travel, including some lovely filigree pieces and some handmade paper.

Of course, sightseeing is part of Ohrid travel, but so too is at least one or two days at the beach. The most popular beaches are Labino, Ljubanista and Gradiste, though there are many smaller and quieter options too.