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Welcome to City of Skopje

Set in the remarkably beautiful Balkans, the Republic of Macedonia is acknowledged as a place of scenic, cultural, and historical importance. Its capital city is Skopje, and it too has a history that matches that of the entire country.

If you are planning some Skopje travel, you should know that you are going to see plenty of cultural influences from the different groups that have settled or inhabited the town. You will find Byzantine architecture, Roman buildings and sites, Ottoman influences, and more. You will also find the shops, restaurants, and buildings used by today's amazing blend of cultures and peoples too, including Bosnian, Turkish, Roma, Serbian, and Albanian groups.

Skopje travel means planning a visit to a massive city. Currently home to more than 600,000 people, it is a financial and political “hub” for the nation. It is home to an even mixture of Christians and Muslims, and this makes the city a wonderfully diverse place to travel.


Skopje Map


Sightseeing Of Skopje

To really experience Skopje, it is important to begin in the area around the old bazaar. Here you will find the Kale Fortress, known to have been constructed throughout the 10 th through 13 th centuries. You will also be near the river, which means a visit to the 6 th century stone bridge is mandatory too. Close to the bridge is Macedonia Square, the Parliament Building, the Double Hamam, and the Feudal Tower as well. You will also find a “must see” destination for anyone doing Skopje Travel, and that is Bedesten. This is the site of the original marketplace and still contains the appealing clock tower.

If history is your “thing,” a visit to Skopje is not complete without a trip out to the Aqueduct just outside of town. Historians cannot decide if it is a Roman structure or if it is a Byzantine project, but it has 55 massive arches still standing and is breathtaking in size and scale, and is a great way to round out a day in the city.