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Welcome to City of Tetovo

The third largest city in the Republic of Macedonia is Tetovo. It is dramatically different from the other larger towns due to its very specific population balance. It is around 50% Albanian, 40% Macedonian and 10% “other”. This sets it apart from many other larger areas of Macedonia, which tend to contain very “mixed” societies in which a handful of cultures and populations blend.

This, however, does not make the city of Tetovo less interesting or appealing. The entire town is known for its remarkable hospitality, particularly where food is concerned, which means that Tetovo travel is going to be enjoyable for a lot of different types of visitors.

It is significant to understand that the history of the city goes all of the way back to the ancient “Bronze Age,” and that the town was well established by the 13 th century. It has changed hands many times over the centuries, and has been ruled by the Ottomans, Muslims, Turks, and Serbs. After the end of World War II many larger companies began settling in Tetovo, and today it is a thriving city with private companies, two universities, and a bustling tourist trade.


Tetovo Map


Sightseeing Of Tetovo

When doing a bit of Tetovo travel, the visitor is likely to spend at least one day on foot in the heart of the city. This is where they will find such popular attractions as the Turkish Amam, the Bel Tepe Fortress, the famous Painted Mosque dating to the 1450s, and the St. Cyril and Methodius Church from the early 1900s.

One thing that must not be missed while on a trip into Tetovo is the food. The town is known as a “food paradise” thanks to its many pastry and meat dishes. There is also the popular Shopska Salad, the Sharska Plaskavica, the local Burek, and the famous local brandy called Rakija.