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Welcome to City of Gozo

The island of Gozo is the smallest of the three that make up the nation of Malta. Many people say that Gozo is what Malta “could have been” had development been controlled. The reason that people bemoan the reasonable development that has occurred in Malta is because it is home to some of the oldest human structures on the globe. In fact, Gozo is the place where the Ggantija temples are found – and these are the oldest known human-built structures in the world.

If you are planning to do some Gozo travel you should know that there is really only a single city on the entire island and that is the capital city of Victoria. Apart from this governmental site, the rest of the island's towns are small settlements near the most historic or scenic spots.

Features Rated by Gozo Locals

The finest beach on the island is Ramla il-Hamra, and this is in the town of Nadur. Nearby is the town of San Lawrenz, which is home to one of the most popular natural attractions in all of Gozo – the Dwerja or Azure Window. This is a cliff formation that looks exactly as if a giant window was positioned to capture the view of the gorgeous sea waters beyond. There is also the Blue Hole and the Inland Sea nearby as well.

Most people will include a bit of diving in their Gozo travel plans, and this is due to the fact that it is considered a global “hot spot” for it. There are many dive centers along the coastal area, and naturally the famous Blue Hole mentioned above is among the top choices.

Finally, another top choice for those visiting Gozo is a stop in Xewkija to see the Ta'Pinu church which is one of the tallest around, and which can be seen from almost anywhere on the island!