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Welcome to City of Valletta

The island nation of Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea, is a very famous place. Its capital city is the gorgeous and wildly historic Valletta. The long history of Malta is easy to detect as it seems to be scattered throughout Valletta itself.

It is a harbor-side town that retains much of its Renaissance period architecture (built by the Hospitallers – an order of Crusade-era knights that became more religious over time). Constructed along a small peninsula, and running a narrow ridge, the town contains hundreds of sets of stairs that make navigation on foot quite easy, but driving a car very difficult. This is the reason that so many people must plan their Valletta travel as a sort of walking expedition. There are ways of avoiding the worst of the steepest pitches, however, by simply following the Triq ir-Republika (the main street).


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Sightseeing Of Valletta

There are many guides available for the town as well, and it is a good idea to select one that can offer you the language with which you are most familiar. You might also hire one of the charming Karrozin – horse carts – and enjoy a pleasant tour of the streets in this way too.

The “must see” destinations in the city include St. John's Co Cathedral, the Cathedral Museum (currently home to two paintings by Caravaggio), the Palace of the Grand Masters, the Upper Barakka Gardens (with a fantastic view of the harbor), Fort St. Elmo, the National Museum of Archaeology, the Scar Infermia, and the National Library. These are all within easy walking distance of one another and can often be tackled over only a two-day visit. If you have more time you should visit the St. James Cavalier, which is a fortress from the medieval period and also the National Museum of Fine Art, which is home to some impressive paintings and sculptures as well.