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Moldova attracts tourists from around the globe, and despite its impoverished state, the people are amiable and nice. The land is flourished with green vegetation and very fertile soil. The soil has been used for vineyards and farming so the wine found in Moldova is fresh and delicious. Moldova offers a number of scenic locations where you can hike through an ancient forest and explore natural gardens with beautiful pools of water.


Chisinau is the capital of Moldova and the largest city. The city can be accessed by air, train, bus, or car, but it is also nice to take a leisurely walk through the city. A Chinsau guide can help you find more information on flights and hotel accommodations. The Stefan Cel Care Monument is dedicated to Stephen III who lived in the 15 th century in Moldova. He resisted oppression by Turkish invaders, and the monument rests at the gateway to a lovely park with the same name. The Rose Valley is a beautiful area filled with lakes and scenic vistas. Some other parks are the Riscani Park and the Botanica Park. Some other interesting locations in Moldova are courtyards and museums.


Moldova travel options can allow you to experience an interesting selection of music entertainment including an opera house and concert halls for a taste of culture on your trip. The marketplaces in Chinsau are a wonderful place to experience distinct shopping opportunities unique to Moldova. There are hand-woven carpets and exuberant costumes. Also, make sure to sample the local wines and brandies as they are always a delectable treat to travelers and locals alike. Some other places to visit in Moldova are the National History Museum, Capriana Monastery, and Milestii Mici (a popular winery). Lakes, monuments, and museums are usually interesting and provide insight into the country's historical and cultural development. Thermal spas are commonplace in Moldova.

The population in Moldova is ethnically diverse and they speak a range of different languages mostly Romanian but some Russian. Moldova also has its own language, Molodvan, but the other languages are frequently spoken so you should become familiar with the one you are most comfortable with. Moldova uses the Euro for their currency so if you are unfamiliar with the exchange rates, then it will be good to find a calculator or contact a bank before you begin your travel. Medical insurance for most nationals will need to be purchased in advance of your trip so that you are certain you will be coverd in the event of an accident. A travel guide can help you detail your travel plans, and you can find these in video format or in books and brochures.



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