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Welcome to City of Comrat

With a southern location far from the Modolvan capital, the city of Comrat is known for its industry and wine making. It is also the capital of the autonomous region of Gagauzia. Because of this it is always advisable for tourists and anyone planning a bit of Comrat travel to double check the security situation before making a visit. This town is not as old as many of the surrounding cities and is first found on historical records in the 1700s, it was in the 1990s that the shift to Gagauzian administration occurred.

Today, it is major player in the region's wine producing networks and is responsible for a great many of the famous reds and Muscats known around the world. There is also a tremendous amount of food production in Comrat, but this is not the reason that most visitors plan a bit of Comrat travel. There is also a lot of furniture production, cabinetry making, and the only oil processing plant in all of Modolva located in this city too, but again, this is not what brings visitors to the region.


Features Rated by Comrat Locals

Instead, it is usually to spend some time exploring the large number of varied and unique cultural sites and institutions that visitors make plans for a stay in the town. Because the area is primarily settled by Gagauzians, there is a popular Museum of Gagauz Culture and the “Alley of Gagauzian Glory” too. The Cathedral of Saint John is a popular destination as is the Turkish Library built by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. What might be of tremendous interest to historians and other travelers are the remaining monuments to Vladimir Lenin and to Soviet era tanks as well.

Comrat is a place of few truly historic structures, but it does contain the only Gagauz university in the world. This is a school of 1,500 and is known as the Comrat State University.