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Welcome to City of Cricova

Just outside the opulent and wealthy capital city of Moldova (Chisinau), is the tiny town of Cricova. This is a location most famous for its wine, and any Cricova travel is going to have to focus on enjoying this primary employment of the city's unique population.

Because Cricova is only 10 miles north of the capital city of Moldova it has been settled by a very unique blend of citizens. Here, travelers will meet a population containing Moldavians, Ukrainians, Russians, Bulgarians, Poles, Roma, and Gagauzians. This has led to the development of a charming town with a huge number of different cafes, restaurants, and shops to enjoy.

Cricova is also home to the largest underground wine cellar in the entire world. This cellar is only possible because the city was founded on limestone mining, and it is this material from which the many buildings in the capital city were constructed. During World War II the empty mines began to be put to use as a secure place for the wine made throughout the region. This tradition remains today, and it is estimated that there are roughly 60 miles of storage snaking beneath the city. In fact, a visit to this area is only possible through the use of a guide who actually drives tourists along “Cabernet Street” and “Muscat Street” as they make their way from one end to the other.


Features Rated by Cricova Locals

Not far from the mines is also another unique assortment of wine, the Milestii Mici collection, which is the largest high-quality wine collection in the entire world. This too is a place that can be included in your Cricova travel, but you must book your visit ahead of time.

The tourism season tends to run through the summer months of June through September since the winters can be extremely cold in the Balkans.