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Welcome to City of Orhei

Less than fifty miles north of the Moldavan capital city of Chisinau is the city of Orhei. This is a town with a storied past and unique background. The inhabitants speak mostly Romanian and Russian (though the name of the town is taken from the Yiddish). It was once an administrative center, and the name of the town comes from the fortress-like defenses that surrounded it during the 1200s.

Though there are not many Jews left in Orhei since World War II, there is an enormous Jewish cemetery outside of town, which is actually a common visitor's destination. Today, there are primarily only Russian Orthodox churches in the town.

Features Rated by Orhei Locals

Many visitors include the entire district in their Orhei travel plans, and one of their primary destinations is the Old Orhei archaeological complex. This is actually closer to the capital city than the current town, but it is one of the reasons that so many people come to the area. The complex includes a large number of historical monuments and dramatic areas of natural landscape.

There is the most famous promontory known as Pestere, which is home to a lot of fascinating caves. There is the Butuceni headland which gives an impressive view of the entire setting, and there are also the world-famous cave monasteries of the site too. Though some of these religious structures were damaged by earthquakes, someone enjoying a bit of Orhei travel would be able to easily tour these amazing early Christian buildings. The complex also contains a Medieval Fortress, a Gaetic fortress, and several small complexes attributed to the Golden Horde.

There is not a defined tourism season in Orhei, but the harsher Balkan winters can make outdoor activities impossible and unpleasant. Because of this, most travelers are advised to head to the area during the more comfortable summer months from late May to early October.