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Welcome to City of Soroca

North of the Moldovan capital city of Chisinau is the historic town of Soroca. It sits along the banks of the Nistru River and serves as the administrative center for the entire Soroca District.

Many people plan Soroca travel in order to enjoy the city's impressive architecture and history. The entire city is a well-preserved example of medieval architecture, and this is because it was a stronghold of Stephen the Great (a Romanian prince of the late 15 th century). The city remained an important military stronghold throughout the following centuries and well into the 1700s when it was sacked by the Russians during the Russo-Turkish War. After that time it became the acknowledged regional center.

Today, someone doing a bit of Soroca travel will find an industrialized area full of pretty squares, modern schools, and plenty of churches. It is also a place well-known for its Roma (gypsy) population, and is often called the “Roma capital” of the country.

Top 10 Attractions in Soroca

Features Rated by Soroca Locals

The “must see” destinations for a visit to Soroca include the famous “gypsy hill” outside of town because of the impressive views it gives of the historic area of the region. There are many monuments, but the Second WW Monument is usually of interest to those intrigued by history, and so too is the gorgeous “Candle” monument as well.

Another popular stop is the History of Ethnography Museum, which is a distinctly “hands on” museum and is often called a miniature “Smithsonian” by all who venture inside.

It should be noted that any Soroca travel is best done during the warmer months of May through early October. This is because a lot of the attractions, including the museum mentioned above, do not keep any sort of regular hours in the winter weather. This can often cause some confusion, so it is best to make a visit during the traditional summer season.