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Getting to Moldova

By plane

Busiest air connections exist to Bucharest, Budapest, Istanbul, Moscow, Timisoara and Vienna. Prices are relatively high. The cheapest tickets can be bought to Bucharest, Istanbul, Kiev and Moscow. Moldova has three air companies. It is also possible to get relatively cheap tickets from Munich with Lufthansa/Air Moldova. They were around 190 Euro (return) in May 2010.

By train

The cheapest way to get into the country is to take the overnight train from Bucharest which is about US$40. Since flights into Bucharest cost approx. US$200 less than those into Moldova, this is the best option if you have the time. At the border crossing the cars are lifted individually onto larger gauge wheels to fit Moldovan tracks.

By car

When coming by car one should be sure to use a border crossing with a (non-stop) visa issuing office.

By bus

There are regular buses connecting Chisinau with Bucharest, Kiev and most major Romanian and Ukrainian cities. There are 5 to six buses per day to and from Bucharest. Due to a longer stay at the border the trip takes around 10 hours. You will also be able to travel to most European cities by bus with Moldovan bus companies. When coming by bus one should be sure to use a frontier with a (non-stop) visa issuing office.

By boat

Since Moldova is landlocked, there are no boat routes

Source: Wikitravel.org