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The Principality of Monaco is a country that gives travelers a wealth of opportunities from deep-sea exploration to journeying through the urban centers found throughout the cities. Monaco is bordered by the Italian and French Riviera and is located along the Southern Alps and the Mediterranean Sea.


The country is very small in size, the second smallest country in the world other than the Vatican. The four quarters of the city are Monaco-Villa representing the Old City, Condamine representing the port quarter, Monte Carlo specializing in business and recreation, and Fontvieille representing industry and additional recreation. Monaco is very densely populated, and urban areas take up the majority of the land space in the country.


Attractions found in the Principality of Monaco can either be modern or historical in nature. Monaco travel offers a wide variety of different activities and places of interest. Museums and palaces can be found throughout the country, and most of them are open to visitors for a small fee. “The Rock” in Monaco is the Monaco Ville, and this would be a nice place for a leisurely stroll to soak in the atmosphere that surrounds the city. This location offers a selection of hotels and restaurants to choose from and interesting shopping possibilities. The medieval structures and lovely ambiance gives this city an inviting feel to newcomers. A Monaco guide can help you determine the best places to visit in the country. The capital is also called Monaco and houses a collection of historical monuments and treasures for exploration.


Travel guides are a great way to learn more about the country, and they can be conveniently viewed as a video or purchased as a book. These can help immensely with finding suitable hotels and flights in Monaco. A Monaco video can show you the wonders of the country you have not yet explored, but there are some things to think about before you begin your trip. The official language of this country is French, but other languages are also recognized. Monaco now legally uses the Euro for transactions so it is good to familiarize yourself with this currency and the exchange rates that will be applied when traveling. It may also be a good idea to look into medical insurance in case of accident or emergency outside of your own country. Travel to Monaco is a wonderful way to find attractive locations and unique landmarks, and it is an exciting country to explore.

Top 10 Attractions in Monaco