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Welcome to City of Monte-Carlo

The key government district for the second smallest independent state in the world, Monte Carlo in tiny Monaco, is also the district known for recreation and entertainment too. It is the place where the Formula One racing occurs each year, where the famous Casino is situated and where millions of tourists have come to enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean and the gorgeous beaches.

Cleraly, Monte Carlo travel is a very common choice and actually quite easy to arrange. There are plenty of resorts and accommodations, and a lot of things to do apart from swimming, sunbathing, and gambling. There is a huge and impressive amount of architecture that could be enjoyed on a casual walking tour. There is the Monaco Cathedral, the Oceanographic Museum, the Napoleon Museum and the Prince's Palace (once the home of the late Grace Kelly).


Monte-Carlo Map


Sightseeing Of Monte-Carlo


Any Monte Carlo travel also has to include a stop at the Opera or the Salle Garnier in order to take in the grand and historic features of this building. It was designed as a miniature copy of the Paris Opera House and has featured some of history's greatest performers. There is also the Hotel de Paris in this famous district too.

One thing to remember is that Monte Carlo is tiny, and that travelling is best done on foot. This is the only way to really take in the atmosphere and to avoid missing the best shops, restaurants, gardens, and cafes that pack the streets. If you want to head into the hills, you can always rent a motor scooter that will allow you to travel the winding seaside roads and some of the lesser hills outside of the city.

One of the final “must see” destinations is the Jardin Exotique or Exotic Gardens that is home to thousands of rare plants, a grotto, and plenty of shady spots to enjoy a break from the beaches and sea.