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Traveling to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to Experience the Unique Culture of Liberty and Beauty

Amsterdam is a place where freedom is valued above all other attributes, and the cultural ramifications can be seen everywhere. When exploring Amsterdam, travel to the beautiful canals, visit the historic city centers, marvel over the unique wooden houses, sun yourself on the city beaches, and take an exciting stroll through the Red Light District. There is no shortage of things to do in Amsterdam, and tourism has become a major staple of the economy in the Netherlands.

Those that travel to Amsterdam can experience a myriad of different facets of the unique and dynamic city by taking a tour. These tours are designed to give you information and interesting secrets about the city that cannot be found in any other place. A guide will also give you the opportunity to explore several different landmarks at once, which will make seeing the sights in Amsterdam more enjoyable.

Museums, galleries, parks, windmills, architecture, churches...

Museums, galleries, parks, windmills, architecture, churches, and synagogues can all be found sprinkled throughout the city. Some of the most notable museums are the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum (world class), and the Van Gogh Museum. Each of these locales will give you an interesting perspective of the culture and history surrounding the Netherlands. The fine arts are celebrated often in Amsterdam, and there are several festivals held at various times throughout the year commemorating the country's unique features. Most of the windmills can be viewed in the west part of the city; however, the De Gooyer is very close to the city center. You can gain full access to the Molen van Stolen windmill, and enjoy the brewery that is contained inside.


Amsterdam is probably most renowned for its architecture, and there are over 7,000 buildings that are registered historic. The streets are very much the same as they were in the 1800's, and the city has not even had to undergo much rebuilding after World War II. Some areas in the city date back to the Middle Ages, but there are very few buildings that have survived. There is one breathtaking medieval courtyard called the Begijnhof that also shows a number of homes. The canal ring is another prominent architectural display that can be found in Amsterdam.


After you are done seeing the sights, you may be interested in stopping in to one of the local restaurants and then ending your evening by shopping in Amsterdam. There are more than enough attractions to keep your itinerary full throughout your trip, and Amsterdam will allow you to uniquely experience a world that is full of liberty and beauty.

The Resistance Museum

Called Amsterdams Verzetsmuseum, is definitely one place you will want to visit. This museum focuses on the resistance that Amsterdam put up during World War II and it allows you to get a new perspective on the war, Hitler and the Holocaust. Amsterdam and its occupants were affected immensely during this time in history. The museum highlights this and includes numerous original documents and other historical artifacts. You will be able to see how various members of the resistance were able to get messages out through secret codes, documents hidden in clothing and much more. It is a small museum, but it is most certainly worth the stop.

Tuschinski Theater

Built in 1921, the Tuschinski Theater is a historic site that is definitely worth seeing for its architecture alone. Often referred to as a “movie palace” the theater includes over the top styling and a distinctly Art Deco architecture that you will enjoy seeing. The theater is still in operation, so you will be able to catch a film while visiting. It shows various American movies in English, so do not worry about having to read subtitles. Whether you are a fan of the history of cinema or you enjoy viewing historic architecture, you will certainly enjoy a visit to the Tuschinski Theater.

Van Gogh Museum

Of course, one of the most well known people to come from Amsterdam would be Vincent Van Gogh. The museum offers you a glimpse at numerous works of the artist and you will definitely enjoy seeing the original masterpieces. In addition, the museum tells the story of the life of Van Gogh, which was rather tragic. As the artist told the story of his life through pictures, the museum displays this by offering the art in chronological order. The museum is three stories high and full of information, so you need to plan plenty of time for the visit.

Anne Frank House

Another well known person to live in Amsterdam at one point would be Anne Frank. Known for her extensive journals that she kept throughout the war when she and her family hid in a home in Amsterdam, Anne Frank had a fascinating and tragic life. The house in which she and her family hid is now a museum that you will not want to miss during your visit. You will feel as if you have stepped back in time and you will get a glimpse of the tragic life of the little girl.

Amsterdamse Bos

If you enjoy the outdoors, then you will enjoy this city park, which is known as the largest you will find anywhere in Europe. Featuring a wide variety of trees and wildlife, Amsterdamse Bos is a park that is worth spending some time in. The park offers walking and biking trails as well as splash pools for the children. During the winter, you will even be able to enjoy a sleigh ride. Other activities that you will be able to enjoy in the park include horseback riding, canoeing, and picnicking.


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