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Delta Project in the Netherlands

The Delta Project in the Netherlands is a manmade creation of locks, dams, sluices, and storm surge barriers. The American Society of Civil Engineers has deemed the Delta Project, otherwise known as the Delta Works, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the Modern World. The project began after a terrible storm in the early 1950's that led to a disastrous outcome for the locals in the southern region of the Netherlands. Since then, the Dutch government has worked to ensure that this kind of natural disaster be prevented by meticulous planning, and so the Delta Project was formed.


Delta Project travel is becoming more popular as many people become more aware of the awe-inspiring way that the waters are shaped and divided at the Delta site. For more information on the Delta, you can view a video collection of aerial shots of the Delta Works Project so that you can see exactly how vast and brilliant the work has been. Tourism has steadily increased at the Delta Project since its formation in the 1950's, and the natural reserves continue to attract thousands of visitors every year. The attractions at the Delta Project will mostly be touring and exploring the precipices that led to the deep blue sea.

Features Rated by Delta Project Locals

If you need more information on the Delta Project before making reservations for your trip, a travel guide with tips and advice on the best locations to stay and restaurants to try while you are the area will be very helpful. There are some truly spectacular images and video that depict the glorious compilation of barriers, dams, and locks, and they are a great way to see first hand the wonder that awaits you at the Delta Project. For an experience unlike any other in the Netherlands, visit the Delta Project for a glimpse into everything that the human mind is capable of when faced with the possibility of a natural disaster.