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Lovely Canals and Cobblestone Streets with Famous
Cheese in Edam, Netherlands

Edam is a quaint city in the Netherlands that has excellent architecture and beautiful panoramic views of the scenery. Edam is well known for its cheese making, and Edam cheese is one of the most delicious varieties in the world. You will be able to identify Edam cheese because it is often wrapped in the recognizable red wax coating. If you are planning on traveling to Edam, there are quite a few attractions in this charming town, and you will be find a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere.

In addition to the cheese in Edam, you find lovely houses and narrow, winding cobblestone streets that line the city center. This is a great place for wandering as there are relatively few people moving about the city compared to other places in the Netherlands. An Edam map can help you become more familiar with the city and find all the local hot spots that you want to travel to while in Edam. Travel to this area offers beautiful scenery and greenery along with interesting architecture and history.


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Sightseeing Of Edam

Edam will bring you delightful views, and it has all of the benefits of a small town. Edam is also known for its beautiful canals and the lush flora and greenery around the cottages. Edam in Holland is one of the best places to visit for a restful and peaceful vacation away from the hustle and bustle found in many of the more metropolitan areas of the Netherlands. By finding an Edam map, you will be one step closer to navigating your way around the winding roads and canals. You can also find more tips and advice on Edam travel by watching a video tour guide. With a video, you will give a virtual glimpse into the world of Edam. A trip to the Netherlands is not complete without a stop in the great city of Edam.