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Visit Haarlem in the Netherlands for Lively Entertainment and Beautiful Gardens

Haarlem in the Netherlands is located about 15 minutes from Amsterdam, and you can find a train from Amsterdam to Haarlem easily throughout the day. This city is not a common destination, but it is packed with museums and landmarks to interest any traveler. There are also a number of Hofjes located throughout the area with bright buildings and lush greenery. Most of the Hofjes date back hundreds of years, and it is a delightful area to visit for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike. Hofje is decorated with similar architecture to that found in Amsterdam, and in addition to the beautiful gardens and appealing architecture, you can find a lively, energetic atmosphere about the city.


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Sightseeing Of Haarlem

Tourist information on Haarlem can be found in a video travel guide or a book about the area. You will be able to find detailed information on shopping, restaurants, and hotels in Haarlem, Netherlands. The Netherlands are known for their vibrant liberal culture and the enchanting scenery, and in Haarlem in particular, you will not be without things to do while you make Haarlem your travel destination. Discover the Grote Kerk church, Tayler's Museum, and the Corrie ten Boom for an experience in the distinct culture and history of the Netherlands.

As in most places in the Netherlands, Haarlem has a wide array of music festivals held at the Patronaat. You will find lively entertainment all throughout the year, and on Friday nights the area lights up with the locals and visitors that can to experience Haarlem's musical talents. If you need more information on transportation, attractions, and hotels in Haarlem, Netherlands, a video guide is the perfect way to get a virtual experience of the city and also learn the best places to stay on your vacation. Tourism in the area has recently flourished so you will find the accommodations in Haarlem more than suitable for your holiday.