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The Beautiful Hoge-Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands

The Hoge-Veluwe National Park is a natural haven for wildlife, an array of wildflowers, and a compelling museum full of artifacts and history on the surrounding area. Hoge-Veluwe is the perfect getaway for people who want to enjoy some of the natural splendors in the Netherlands. The visitors' centers are a treasure in and of themselves with informative and educational displays of the wildlife, flowers, and greenery found in the Park. Hoge-Veluwe is a well-preserved and naturally intact location that will allow you to explore sand dunes, verdant forests, and wet marshlands.

If you are looking for attractions in Hoge-Veluwe, you will find that the outstanding museum is a must-see sight on any trip to the area. Hoge-Veluwe travel is not complete without exploring the Kroller-Muller Museum's selection of awe-inspiring artwork and detailed history. Tickets to the park are fairly inexpensive, and in the heart of the Hoge-Veluwe National Park, you will find a visitors center equipped with maps and detailed information on the natural beauty that surrounds the area.


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Sightseeing Of Hoge-Veluwe

You can walk or bike through the park, and Hoge-Veluwe offers miles and miles of hiking trails with different routes so that you can explore the park more thoroughly. Resorts are sparsely located around the park, and there are a number of other attractions that you may want to consider visiting while in Hoge-Veluwe like the Sint Huberttus, a stately and impressive home that once belonged to the couple that owned the park. You can find tips on the best resorts and restaurants in the area, by viewing video travel guides to give you a virtual tour through the National Park. In Hoge-Veluwe, there are a million and one beautiful landscapes to explore, and you will be able to spend as much time as you like in this beautiful treasure trove of wildlife, greenery, and floral blossoms.