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The Vibrant Appeal of Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Rotterdam is jam-packed with activities and must-see historical landmarks. Rotterdam travel options are immense as the city is one of the largest in Holland, and it was previously the largest port city in the world until Shanghai swept that title away. In the Netherlands, Rotterdam is an exciting city full of vibrancy, and you will be welcomed by the optimistic presence of the people in the area. The people in Rotterdam are dynamic and positive, so any experience with the locals is sure to be pleasant.

In addition to the charming atmosphere found in Rotterdam, you will also be able to view the remarkable rebuilding that has taken place in the city. The aesthetic appeal of the city lies in its modern architecture and captivating ideals where anything goes and anything is possible. While in Rotterdam, you can view the historically designed churches, the seven windmills, the plentiful museums, and the remarkable landmarks. Some of the attractions in Rotterdam worthy of exploration are the Museum Bojmans Van Beuningen, the Kunsthal, the Netherlands Architecture Institute, and the Maritime Museum. Other must-see locations in Rotterdam are the Erasmus Statue and the Sylvette by Pablo Picasso.



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Sightseeing Of Rotterdam

Rotterdam travel will offer you a multitude of activities, and you can even visit the Rotterdam Zoo or the Botanische Tuin Kralingen for an experience in the nature and wildlife found in the city. A video tour guide can help you find information on hotels, shopping, and transportation from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, and you may want to find out if there is a festival during the time of your trip because Rotterdam is well known for hosting lively and exciting festivals throughout the year. While you are traveling through the city, a map is the best tool to help you find the best attractions and determine where you want to stay and eat in Rotterdam.