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Textel Island Travel

The Natural Beauty and Wildlife of Texel Island in the Netherlands

Texel Island is located just off the coastal shores of the Netherlands, and you will find sand dunes, wetlands, beaches, flatland, and hills all in different locations of the island. The beaches are a great place to relax and soak up the warm air and the radiant sunshine, and there are a variety of water sports and activities offered along the coast. If you enjoy kite surfing or long walks on a sandy beach, then Texel Island travel has everything that you need for a great vacation. Texel Island can be explored in just a few days, but the atmosphere is so different from other European cities that you may want to stay much longer. .

Features Rated by Textel Island Locals

The natural marvels are the main attractions in Texel Island. Holland boasts a number of beautiful sights, but nowhere other than Texel Island can you experience the abundance of birds and wildlife. At the Eierland, you will see thousands of different species of birds breeding and nesting. In addition to the plentiful wildlife, you will also be able to experience natural reserves on the entirety of the west coast on Texel Island. Travel to this spot is not as common as in other cities in the Netherlands, so you will find peace and seclusion inland and on the coast. While you are in Texel Island, Holland, visit the De Sluffer/Den Muy and the Ecomare. The Ecomare is a nature center that strives to maintain and preserve the birds and other animal life found on the island.

Texel Island has a number of great restaurants like the Freya known for its Dutch and French cuisines, and the Kaasboerderijk Wezenspyk cheese farm. Other attractions to explore on Texel Island are the Lighthouse and the Maritime and Beachcombers Museum. Video travel guides may help you learn more about the best hotels and shops located in Texel Island, Holland and give you tips on how to find the best deals.