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Breathtaking Natural Scenery Makes Norway a Delightful Travel Destination

Norway travel is a haven for nature enthusiasts. This country is naturally preserved with wildlife and bright colors wrapped all throughout the land. The Fjords in Norway are a breathtaking sight attracting a large number of visitors every year. A Fjord is a body of water that is separated by steep cliff sides. Travelers can hike to the peak of the cliffs and view the Fjord below. This country is most remarkably known for its mountain peaks and untouched natural forests and landscapes in the country. The cities and small towns are also inviting to world travelers.


Norway's largest city and capital is found in a city called Oslo. A guide is an informative tool that can help you navigate the area more fully. The city is divided into five main districts and fifteen boroughs. The districts are Sentrum, West, Inner West, Inner East, Outer West, and Outer East. Understanding the different regions will also help you navigate the city. Oslo is the financial commerce center in Norway and is the base for economics and politics in the country. Travel guides can give you more complete travel information on flights and hotel accommodations in Oslo, Norway.


Sightseeing is a pleasure in Oslo with monumental buildings with Parisian architectural styles. The inner city is more prosperous and features sights such as the Royal Palace and the Oslo Cathedral. Other places to visit in Oslo are Kirkeristen, City Hall, Akershus Festning, and Stortinget. Oslo features 14 museums including the Viking Ship Museum, the National Gallery, the Noble Peace Centre, and the Holocaust Center. Parks and gardens are other ways to enjoy the scenery found in Norway.

A lot of the country's activities are centered around the natural beauty of the country as well with swimming in freshwater, hiking exciting trails, or bicycle riding along riding paths. Advice on detailed travel information can be found in a video guide or a book about the country. It is best to learn as much as possible about Norway before traveling there since there is such a wide array of different activities to do and sights to see. The Norwegians use the krone so it will be important to note the currency exchange rates when traveling to Norway. Norwegian is the most widely spoken language in Norway so it might be good to acquire a dictionary to take on your trip in case you need to speak with the natives for information on restaurants, shopping, or sightseeing locations.

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