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Bergen is one of the largest cities found in Norway, and beautiful bodies of water and fjords surround it. Norway is a country with a lot of opportunities for hikers and nature enthusiasts to see and explore unique areas, and Bergen is a beautiful display of the natural wonders of the water and the lush greenery that blankets the area. The climate has helped develop the greenery in the city since Bergen has approximately 240 days of precipitation, and in addition to the lovely panoramic vistas in Bergen, you will also be able to experience the rich culture of the Netherlands with the remarkable International Festival and the music festivals held throughout the year.

In Bergen, there are a number of must see landmarks and museums to fill your itinerary. One thing is for sure in Bergen; you will not run out of exciting places to visit and sites to explore. The Downtown area is home to the Bergen Art Museum, St. Jorgan's Hospital, Bergen Aquarium, Statsraad Lehmkuhl (harbor vessel), the Bergenhus fortress, and St. Mary's Church. If you decide to branch out from the downtown area, you will find a number of locations to spark your interest like the Troldhaugen, the home of the world-class composer Edvard Grieg; the Maritime Museum; the Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum; and Gamle Bergen, a town rebuilt with wooden homes.


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For activities in Bergen, you may take a guided tour or go to one of the excellent jazz concerts at the Bergen Jazzforum. Travel from Bergen to Stavanger is quite fast, and you can travel by boat or ferry from Bergen to experience the majestic waters and the breathtaking fjords. A video guide can help you learn to navigate the waters and find the best transportation and hotel accommodations in the area. A trip to Bergen in Norway is sure to leave you with memories and pictures that you will treasure for a lifetime.