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Welcome to City of Hellesylt

Hellesylt is a traditional Viking hub in Norway, and you will experience all of the beauty and charm of Norway and also the breathtaking waterfall that runs through the center of the port. Hellesylt is a very small town with just over 500 residents so you will be able to get a more realistic sense of the way of life in Norway by visiting this off the beaten path town. Incredible views and stunning architecture make Hellesylt a great place to travel, and the surrounding area is just as striking.

The waterfall is one of the most gorgeous sites in Hellesylt, and travel to this location will give you some astonishing views since you can observe the cascading water from above. In addition to the waterfall, you should visit the church for a mountain vista and a look at the interesting fjords. A natural haven for anyone that loves to observe the beauty and wonder of nature, Hellesylt is an often-overlooked area of Norway because it is less metropolitan and more scenic.


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Sightseeing Of Hellesylt

Since the town is less traveled to than other areas in Norway, tourism is not the most prominent industry in the city. However, the locals will be more than accommodating to travelers, and the area is largely fluent in English although the primary language is still Norwegian.


A Hellesylt hotel worthy of note is the Grand Hotel, and the church was constructed circa 1875. Although this hotel is a bit pricey, you will be able to see a fjord and dine at the fantastic restaurant the Grand Hotel Pub and Kro. For tips and advice on how to find the best accommodations in Hellesylt, guides and video tours are the best way to get a sense of the city before you arrive, and you will be able to find interesting pieces of information on the area to help you decide the best places to visit while in Hellsylt .