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Oslo Travel Advice

The Captivating Natural Wonders and Endless
Outdoor Activities in Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the capital of Norway, and it is one of the most expensive cities that you can visit. The city centre in Oslo gives an impression of grandeur that is reminiscent of Paris and other lovely cities in Western Europe. Oslo is also known for the charming wooden houses in the suburbs and surrounding areas of the cities. Although they are not permitted in the center of the city, these houses offer a spectacular view of the culture in Norway. Oslo is also known for its natural wonders, namely a fjord and the dense, lush forestry.


The city is often laid back with a mix of different eras and cultures that makes it an idyllic travel destination. Oslo travel should include a visit to some of the interesting museums and attractions. The Oslo Art Museum is unforgettable with a striking collection of exhibitions that will delight any art enthusiast. There are also various museums that allow you to perform activities like the Holmenkollen Ski Museum. If you are more interested in the history and culture of Oslo, Norway, then visit the memorable Viking Ship.


Features Rated by Oslo Locals

Oslo, with its approximately 453 square kilometers, is one of the largest capitals in the world by area. Granted, most of this is forest, making Oslo a city in close contact with the nature surrounding it.

Oslo is situated in an amphitheater-like setting, with the city centre in the bottom close to the Oslo fjord, and residential areas stretching uphill from there in all directions. Behind the residential areas, the forested area of Marka (Nordmarka, Ostmarka, Lillomarka) extends, with flora and fauna that is quite extraordinary for a city of this size. Moose are commonplace (easily spotted in winter), and the whole of the capital is part of Norway's wolf reserve (even if they rarely come here).

The Oslo fjord is an inlet of the Skagerrak bay, stretching inland from the North Sea towards Oresund and the Baltic Sea. Oslo has an impressive archipelago of islands, which in summer becomes the city's favoured playground.

When you first arrive at Oslo, the capital of Norway, you will immediately notice that the city is quite beautiful with its location on the Oslo Fjord. The city itself is one thousand years old and it includes a variety of historical and beautiful sites that you will want to see. Be sure to visit the attractions mentioned below because they should definitely be included on your must see list.


Vigeland Park

Located in the city, Vigeland Park has a great deal to offer as far as nature and art. The park itself is one very large rose garden and you will definitely enjoy the aromatic and beautiful flowers. Additionally, the park is home to a sculpture garden, which you will definitely enjoy browsing and viewing. Within the park, you will also find such interesting pieces as a bust of Kim Jong Il and a mausoleum to a well known dictator of the country. Whether you are looking for a quiet walk or an interesting art display, you will find it here.


Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House is not a historic structure and it includes a very modern look and feel. However, it is still worth the visit even if you prefer historic attraction. The Opera House offers regular shows and you may wish to visit one of them. The house is located with a breathtaking view of the harbor and you will find that it offers numerous photo opportunities. Be sure to check out the cafes located along the area as well so that you can stop for a meal while you enjoy the views.



If you enjoy the great outdoors, then you will want to visit the recreational area called Nordmarka. It is a little ways outside of Oslo, but a number of public transportation options are available. When you visit this area, you will find a wide variety of skiing options as well as walking trails, swimming areas, and picnic parks. Nordmarka will provide you with a place to get away from a busy city during your vacation. Nordmarka is located about half an hour from Oslo, so make sure to plan that in your schedule.



This area is just outside of Oslo and it is a great place to enjoy family fun. When you take your whole family to Korketrekkeren, you will find that the day can be filled with excitement and activity. This is a tobogganing area that allows you to enjoy numerous trips down the snowy hill. Getting up the hill is quite easy considering a train runs regularly. This way, you and your family will be able to enjoy multiple trips. The train station at the foot of the hill offers a restaurant where you can dine when you are hungry.


Bygdoy Peninsula

The Bygdoy Peninsula is the home to a variety of museums that are definitely worth visiting. Because the peninsular is only reachable by boat, you will need to take a ferry. When you visit, you will have access to the Kontiki Museum, the Fram Museum, the Biking Museum and much more. This will give you a chance to enjoy local art and history. Be sure to plan a whole day’s time for the visit to the Bygdoy Peninsular so that you will not have to rush through any of the museums.

Oslo is a very old city, but that does not mean it only offers historic attractions. You will also find a number of other things to see and do in the city.

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