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Norway Landmarks and National Parks

  • Alesund - A splendid Art Nouveau centre in the very western coast of Norway
  • Geirangerfjord - Part of the Storfjorden, with perhaps the most stunning fjord landscape in western Norway. The fjord is on the UN's list of World Heritage places
  • Jostedalsbreen - The largest glacier on the european mainland.
  • Jotunheimen - A majestic landscape and home of Norway's highest mountains.
  • Lillehammer - Picturesque 1994 Winter Olympics site
  • Lofoten - Experience the midnight sun in this traditional fishing district in the northern province with islands and mountains.
  • Nordkapp - This cliff is the northernmost point of continental Europe. Excelent place to experience the midnight sun.
  • Sognefjorden - Glaciers, mountains and picturesque towns are but a few of the sights on the Sognefjord. Flam and N?royfjorden (also a UNESCO World Heritage site) are parts of the mighty Sognefjorden system.
  • Roros Old UNESCO protected mining town
Source: Wikitravel.org