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Polandís Invigorating Natural Beauty and Historical Culture

Poland travel is becoming more popular in recent years as more people begin to explore the natural wildlife and unaffected landscapes. The country is divided into seven regions: Greater Poland, Lesser Poland, Masovia, Podlachia, Pomerania, Silesia, Warmia-Masuria. Greater Poland is known for its pleasant landscapes, plentiful wildlife, and unique bird watching opportunities. Lesser Poland has brilliant mountainsides and caves, magnificent landscapes, and the oldest salt mine in the world. The others have a variation of attractions including the scenic views found countrywide and the historical monuments and museums that pay homage to Poland's unique history.

Poland's capital is Warsaw, and a plethora of attractions are available in the Centrum area. The Royal Road in Warsaw will lead you to the Royal Palace, the Royal Castle, and a Poster Museum. Museums and parks are located within the bounds of Warsaw. Film and music festivals go on throughout the year in Poland so be sure to check the activities and events that will be happening while you are there. A Warsaw guide makes navigating the city much easier since it will give you detailed information and advice on the best sightseeing locations and activities to explore.


Poland's tourism industry is flourishing, and the country is becoming a world tourist destination with its astounding views and enjoyable lakes and forestry. The tourism industry contributes heavily to the Polish economy. Historic sites such as Auschwitz in Osweicim attract millions of visitors annually because of the distinct history that surrounds the concentration camps used in World War II by Nazi Germany. Poland is ranked the 14 th most visited country in the world.

Although there is a lot of historical and cultural influence in Poland to attract visitors, the natural beauty of the country is the real prize offered to travelers. Human developments have not tainted much of the wildlife reserves so it is a splendid place for people to observe wild animals in their natural environment. For more travel information, a video travel guide can be very helpful in determining the best places to visit in Poland. Polish is the main language spoken in Poland so it is good to have at least some understanding of the most commonly used words and phrases. Poland is part of the European Union, but they still use the Zloty as currency. It is advisable to check the currency exchange rates so you will understand how your money will transfer when traveling in Poland.

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