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Welcome to City of Gdansk

Located along the Baltic Sea, the city of Gdansk is one of the most charming throughout all of Europe. It is often partnered with Sopot and Gdynia and referred to as the “Tri-City,” but it really does have plenty to offer visitors from all around the world on its own. It is important to know that Gdansk was heavily damaged during World War II, and this means that a lot of the architecture is contemporary.

When beginning to formulate your Gdansk travel plans you will want to focus in on the Old Town district. This is because it is here that you will be able to find the Long Street Market and the Hall of the Main City. The Neptune Fountain is also located within this district as is the famous Golden Gate and the equally recognizable Green Gate. St. Marys church is hard to beat in terms of scale and impressiveness, but the charms of the houses along the Dlubie Porbzere are quite appealing too.

Your Gdansk travel plans should also include some of the excellent museums of the city and most people enjoy a visit to the Tower Clock Museum as well as the Solidarity Center Foundation exhibitions too.



Gdansk Map


Sightseeing Of Gdansk

If you are interested in more active sightseeing there are opportunities to go swimming at Stogi Beach on the Baltic Sea, or you can rent a canoe and paddle yourself through the many canals of the city too. Don't forget your camera when traveling the waterways because the different buildings and houses that line both banks of the canals can be unbelievably attractive.

Although the city has the appearance of a quaint seaside town, you do have to remember that it is in a northern location. This means that visitors heading to the city during the traditional winter season of November through March can expect very cold and snowy conditions.