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Welcome to City of Kazimierz

The city of Krakow in Poland is large and diverse, but one of its more famous areas is Kazimierz. This is also known as “Jewish Town” and offers visitors some of the most interesting landmarks and sites available.

It is important to note when making Kazimierz travel plans that the existence of any historic Jewish buildings in Poland is unique. The second World War saw most of the Polish Jews taken to concentration camps, and large communities disappeared overnight. This makes it important to be sure to include Kazimierz travel plans in any visit to the city.

There are several wonderful synagogues remaining, including the Old Synagogue dating to the 1400s. There is the 17 th century Isaac's Synagogue and the High Synagogue from the 1500s too. The Remuh Synagogue is one of the most famous, and it adjoins the equally well-known Remuh Cemetery. This is the cemetery named after a famous 16 th century Rabbi, and many people come just to pray at the gates. The tombstones remain (which is a rarity due to the war) and date all of the way back to 1551.


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The site of the Jewish ghetto that was liquidated in 1943 is marked with a lovely commemorative park and monument and can be found at the entrance to the Kazimierz area.

Today, travelers can come to Kazimierz and enjoy more than historic temples and monuments. In fact, this is now a relatively fashionable district and is home to restaurants, cafes, shops, and even a few nightlife “hot spots”.

It is good to remember that most of the touring done in Kazimierz will be on foot and requires walking shoes. Remember too that Krakow experiences colder winters, so it is a good idea to gear your Kazimierz travel plans for the warmer weather months of May through September.