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Welcome to City of Krakow

Poland's second largest city is Krakow, and it is broken down into 18 separate districts or regions. When making your Krakow travel plans it will help to know that you will spend most of your time in the Old Town, Zwierzyniec, Debnkiki, Bronowice, and Podgorze. This does not mean that the other districts are of no interest, it is simply that the tourist spots tend to appear in these locations. It is interesting to note that many travelers have found that many of the communities surrounding the city give a better glimpse of true “Polish life” than that found in the contemporary city of Krakow.

The Old Town is where the majority of your Krakow travel plans will focus, and the must see list includes Wawel Castle, Sukiennice (the main market and trading hall with an impressive tower), the Town Hall Tower, the Barbakan (a structure meant to protect the city's Florian Gate during the Middle Ages), the Florian Gate (which is the only spot in the entire city where ancient ruins remain intact).


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Sightseeing Of Krakow

You should also visit the Rynek Glowny (the main market), the Plac Mariacki, St. Mary Magdalene Square, and Palace Biskupow Krakowskich. You should also checkout St. Andrew Church, Holy Cross Church, and the Corpus Chrisi Church if you have the time.

Of course, few people can visit this part of Poland without also paying homage to the Jewish culture that once thrived there, so the Old Town has the Kazimierz Gate and the Remuh Synagogue open to the public. There is also the Old Synagogue that is known to be the oldest stone synagogue in Poland.

Clearly, you can spend days just wandering the Old Town and taking in the many churches, synagogues, markets, and monuments. There are universities, shops, cafes, and world class dining to be found as well!