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Welcome to City of Praga

The area outside of Warsaw, Poland is full of fascinating towns and sites. One of these is the city of Praga, which is actually divided into a few distinct areas. There is a section of new residential neighborhoods, a section of very upscale and prestigious housing and a final, older section that hosts many of the embassies for the capital city nearby. There is also a large forested area within the city too.

When making Praga travel plans it is significant to know that it played a role in the famous November Uprising. Bordering the city is the Olszynka Grochowska which is a relatively large forest where major battles occurred. Another interesting spot to visit is Skaryszweki Park and the Monument to the Builders of the Brzesc. For many years that monument was the only one of its kind because it honored anonymous workers rather than national heroes. Praga Park is also a good place to wander since it contains a zoo, bandstand, and many lovely gardens that are well-maintained and open to the public.

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Travelers must also make the time to see the Basilica of St. Michael and St. Florian and the Church of Our Lady of Loreto (which is the only monument to have survived the massive fire that consumed most of the city in 1648).

Something of interest to an artistically minded traveler will be the appearance of a thriving arts scene since the 1990s. Today the once abandoned factory buildings are attracting artists' cooperatives and creating a great secondary culture to that of the old town district.

The best shopping and dining is found along Ulica Zabkowska, though it is also a great idea to explore the area along the right bank of the Vistula River, which has much more commercial development than the opposite shore.