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Welcome to City of Sopot

Someone looking for a charming seaside destination that is not flooded with tourists and which offers a lot of interesting culture and sightseeing will want to consider the city of Sopot in Poland. This is located along the southern coast of the Baltic Sea and is often called the “smallest of the big cities”.

It is often partnered with Gdansk and Gdynia and included in the term “Tri-City”, but it really has plenty to offer to travelers of all kinds on its own. For one thing, it has long been known as a major spa location. It is dotted with resorts and spas like no other city in the area.

The city also has a lot of other “claims to fame”. For example, it has the longest wooden pier in all of Europe, it is the home of bromide spring water, and is the host of the Sopot International Song Festival every year. It is also the spot where the wildly creative “Crooked House” structure was built too.


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Sightseeing Of Sopot

When beginning your Sopot travel plans, remember that this is a world-class tourist destination that hasn't quite yet been discovered by a lot of travelers. This means that you can enjoy all of the finest features and activities, without also fighting the crowds. We recommend that you make a point of walking the main streets to take in the gorgeous Art Deco architecture, spend some time appreciating the huge amount of green space in the town (it is held at 60%), and be sure that you don't forget to schedule at least one day at the beach. The city may be on the Baltic, but the summer months do get long stretches of perfect beach weather.

Do remember that there are some hard winter conditions in this part of the world, so if you were hoping to enjoy the beach setting be sure to plan your visit between June and September.