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Welcome to City of Warsaw

Anyone with a familiarity with history knows that Poland has continually disappeared and reappeared on maps over the centuries. It is situated in an area where many major powers battled for control, and its towns and cities reflect the different cultures that have moved into, and in some cases right back out of, the region. This is perhaps reflected most clearly in the city of Warsaw.

As the capital city, Warsaw is also the largest. It sits alongside the Vistula River and is tucked between the Carpathian Mountains and the Baltic Sea. It is divided into five districts, but most people tend to remain within the Centrum District with its many attractions and hotels. Actually, when making Warsaw travel plans, you will find that it is the Srodmiescie area of the Centrum where you will be spending the bulk of your time.


Warsaw Map


Sightseeing Of Warsaw

This section is divided into the Old Town, the Royal Road, the Jewish Quarter, and the Contemporary Center. It helps to actually plan your walking and touring according to these divisions since it will help you to use your time to the fullest amount possible.

It could take pages to list the things of interest and value in this one area of the city, but a brief “must see” list includes the Palace of Culture and Science, the Parliament Buildings, the Royal Castle, the Nozyk Synagogue, the National Museum, the Frederic Chopin Museum, the Warsaw History Museum, and the Plac Trzech Krzyzy for world-class souvenir shopping.

Remember that Warsaw does experience some very cold winter weather, and this can mean that someone hoping to do a lot of touring in the city will want to ensure that they are there during the more favorable months. This means that April through September are guaranteed to be the best times to make your Warsaw travel plans.