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Getting to Poland

By plane

Most of Europe's major airlines fly to and from Poland. Poland's national carriers are LOT Polish Airlines. Besides there are several low cost airlines that fly to Poland including WizzAir, EasyJet , Germanwings, Norwegian and Ryanair .

Apart from direct air connections from many European cities, there are also direct flights from United States and Canada: LOT operates direct flights from Toronto, New York and Chicago, as well as non-direct flights from other cities through the Star Alliance program.


As the number of flights and passengers has significantly increased since 1990, new terminal has been opened at the Warsaw Chopin airport which will significantly increase the airport's capacity. Also airports in Katowice, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Lodz have been expanded to increase their standards and capacity.

By train

Direct connections with:

  • Berlin , EuroCity "Berlin-Warszawa-Express (BWE)", 3 trains per day, 6 hours + 1 train per day Berlin - Poznan , 3 hours , EuroCity "Wawel" to Krakow, every day, 10 hours
  • Amsterdam , via Hamburg, EuroNight "Jan Kiepura", everyday, 15 hours
  • Vilnius , Night Train "Balti", 10 hours - temporarily operated by bus
  • Kiev , Night Train, 16 hours
  • Vienna, Night Train "Chopin", every day, 9 hours , EuroCity "Sobieski", everyday, 6 hours , EuroCity "Polonia", every day, 8 hours
  • Prague , Night Train "Chopin", EuroCity "Praha", every day, 9.5 hours
  • Moscow , Night Train "Ost-West", every day, 20.5 hours

By car

You can enter Poland by one of many roads linking Poland with the neighboring countries. Since Poland's entry to the Schengen Zone, checkpoints on border crossings with other EU countries have been removed.

However, the queues on the borders with Poland's non-EU neighbors, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, are still large and in areas congested with truck traffic it can take up to several hours to pass.

By bus

There are many international bus lines that connect major Polish cities, with most of major European ones.

  • PEKAES part of Eurolines (from: A, BY, B, HR, CZ, DK, GB, EST, F, D, GR, NL, I, LV, LT, N, RUS, E, S, CH, UA), +48 22 6269352, +48 22 6522321, online reservation
  • Orbis (from: B, BG, F, GR, E, NL, D, CH, GB), +48 22 6227356, +48 22 5001500, +48 22 5001550 See also
  • Polka Service (from: F), +48 22 8275050
  • Gullivers (from: D), D +49 30 31102110, Intl +80048554837
  • Visitor from London (their buses feature numbered seats)
  • PPKS Warszawa +48 22 7208383 (from: BG, D, LT, S, UA)
  • Certain routes are operated under the EuroLines ] brand
  • Inter-bus

By boat

  • From Sweden : Ystad (7-9 hours, 215 zl) by Unity Line ; Karlskrona by Stena Line Nynashamn (18 hours, 230-270 zl), Visby (13.5 hours, 170 zl), Ystad (9.5 hours, 230 zl) by Polferries


By yacht

There are more and more ports along Polish coast, at least at every river mouth. Bigger marinas are located in Szczecin, Leba, Hel , Gdynia and Gdansk. Gdansk, has two yacht docks one next to the old time which is usally quick overloaded and one in the national sailing center 17 km. next to the city center close to the baltic sea. The newest yacht dock will be located on the longest woeden peer in Sopot and will be ready in 2011. Although there are many sailors in Poland, there is still room for improvement which has been seen by the regional government.

Source: Wikitravel.org