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Beautiful Landscapes and Alluring Beaches Make Portugal an Ideal Travel Destination

Portugal is a country located in the Southeastern portion of Europe, and it enjoys a relatively warm climate and a wonderful atmosphere. Portuguese people are kind, caring, and, for the most part, welcoming to travelers and foreign tourists. Portugal has seven mainland regions: Northern Portugal, Beiras, Estremadura, Central Portugal, Lisbon Region, Algarve, and Alentejo. There are three islands that are autonomous but still part of the country: Azores, Madeira, and Porto Santo Islands. Portugal travel attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.


The nation's capital is Lisbon, and it is also known as the land of the seven hills. A Lisbon guide can make navigating the city uncomplicated because it can give you full details about all of the different attractions and accommodations the city has to offer. After Barcelona, Lisbon attracts the most visitors in Southern Europe. This is because the city is full of vitality and flourishing every year. The city has been renewed and invigorated with recent architectural developments and cultural events becoming more common. The breathtaking beaches nestled on the Atlantic Ocean help give the city character and definition. The city is very easygoing in nature so a relaxed atmosphere is definite in this charming city.


Some exciting sights to take in while visiting Lisbon are the statues, museums, neighborhoods, architecture and galleries. The most popular statue in Portugal is the Cristo Rei standing erect at 100 meters tall, and it depicts Christ. Some of the most fascinating architecture are the Castelo de Sao Jorge and the Aqueduto das Aguas Livres. Some other locations to consider traveling to in Portugal are the Costa de Verde, Costa da Prata, and the Islands. Portugal is such a vastly diverse country that on top of the breathtaking beaches, beautiful landscapes, and lively culture, a traveler can also experience unique shopping opportunities and delightful vineyards.


Travel guides and brochures can help you find information on flights and deals on hotel accommodations in Portugal. A video guide or a travel agency can find you the best travel deals in Portugal. Portuguese is the official language in Portugal so it is good to become as familiar as you can with this language. It is a romance language so in some ways it will be similar to Italian, Spanish, and French. In Portugal, the official currency is the Euro, and other forms of currency are not accepted in most local shops and restaurants.

Attractions in Portugal