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Lagos is one of the most appealing cities in Portugal to visit, and there is an assortment of different beaches to choose from in the surrounding area. The city is also very pretty, and you will find a number of great activities to keep you busy on your trip. In Lagos, you can explore any of the many long beaches that line the coast, or you can find a private beach that is secluded enough for a peaceful, relaxing holiday away from the crowds.

The Praia da Batata is one of the main beaches in Lagos, and there is a striking rock that juts out into the ocean. Sailing is very popular in Lagos, and you can charter boats to fish at sea or just glide through the pristine blue waters. All of the typical beach sports can be done here: flying kites, volleyball, body boarding, ocean kayaking, and wind surfing just to name a few. You may also want to just relax and tan on the beach, and that is one of the most popular ways to spend a day on the beach in Lagos. Take a boat tour around the area or explore by foot, and you will be able to experience a truly unforgettable beach vacation. Lagos travel is not complete without taking one of the many dolphin tours so that you can catch a glimpse of the fascinating species in its natural habitat.


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For more tourist information on Lagos, Portugal, you can find tips and advice in a video tour guide of the area. The weather in Lagos is usually very nice, and you will be enveloped by warm air and the blazing summer sun so make sure to wear enough sunscreen because the sun is particularly strong in this part of the world. Lagos in Portugal is one of the best locations to visit for beaches, sun, and fun on the shores or in the ocean. .