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Welcome to City of Porto

Porto, nestled on the Rio Douro, is a mosaic of different architectural styles. Some streets are lined with lavish Baroque churches, or you can walk along the narrow medieval alleys. Porto showcases a collection of different outlooks and attitudes to compliment the assortment of buildings and designs found in the area. The historic city centre in Porto is a beautiful location labeled a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. As with other cities in Portugal, Porto has experienced a sudden rebuilding in the past few decades that has left it even more stunning than it was before.

In addition to the historic centre, you may also want to experience the fine culinary masterpieces, the picturesque villas, and, of course, the sandy beaches. To find Porto villas, you may want to consult a travel guide that will give you detailed information on the best places to visit and stay in Porto. A beach that you should not miss while you are in Porto is Espinho. Although this beach is about 18 km outside the city, it is still a wonderful place to relax and sunbathe.


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Sightseeing Of Porto

If you are looking for other attractions in Porto, visit the Port Wine Cellars, Casa da Musica, the Ribeira, and the Livraria Lello. Porto travel options are immense, and the city will offer you a unique experience to other European cities. The friendly people always make a trip to Porto pleasant, and while they are definitely native of Portugal, they consider themselves to be a separate entity from the rest of the country. You will be able to delight in their distinct culture and heritage, and the locals will welcome you with open arms so be prepared for their uncommon hospitality and kindness.

If you need advice on hotels in Porto or the best Porto villas, then you can consult a video travel guide to help plan your trip.