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Romania Travel Guide

Tourism in Romania Developing and Flourishing

Tourism is a lucrative industry in Romania accounting for a large percentage of the Gross Domestic Product. The amount of annual visitors has double since 2002 giving the country an estimated 9 million visitors per year. The government has spent a lot of money enhancing the tourism industry by contributing to ski slops in the Carpathian region. Other than commerce, tourism is the most productive sector of the Romanian economy. Activities in Romania are numerous with skiing, hiking, camping, biking, and visiting museums, monuments, castles, medieval churches, and monasteries. Other things to do in Romania include spa treatments at relaxing spa resorts, visiting several of the countries cultural cities, and sightseeing in the Hateg Island.


The capital of Romania is Bucharest. A guide to the city can help you determine the best places to visit and the most prominent landmarks to sightsee. Bucharest is a hodgepodge of different architectural styles and designs. Finding a Communist style building next to an ancient architectural treasure is not uncommon in Bucharest. Both of them may be situated near a modern glass front shop making the combination of buildings found in the city eclectic and interesting. Walking the city is truly mesmerizing and will properly acquaint you with all of the attractions and landmarks the city has to offer.


Some landmarks to take note of in Bucharest are the Parliament Palace, Revolution Square, Art Museums, and the National History Museum. Bucharest has a lot of churches and monasteries some of contemporary styles or rebuilt from past generations and some preserved in their ancient grace and prestige. If you want to make your trip more relaxing, visit one of the many national parks situated throughout the city. Romania travel options are immense, and you will wish you could stay longer to experience more of the cultural charm and lush history


Romania is located on the Black Sea, and the Black Sea Resorts are a premier travel destination in Romania. A Romanian travel centre may be able to give you helpful advice and tips on other travel destinations in Romania. A travel guide is another great way to find out information on flights and accommodations, and these can now be viewed in video format or you can read a brochure or purchase a book. Romania is a beautiful land of scenic views, picturesque countrysides, and rich history and culture. With Romania's expanding tourism industry, it is sure to become one of the most prominent travel destinations in the world.