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Welcome to City of Baile Herculane

Though Baile in western Romania is known today as a spa town, it has an impressively long history of human habitation. Set as it is in the Cerna River Valley and tucked comfortably between the Cerna and Mehedinti Mountains, it has been found to have been settled during the Paleolithic era. In fact, one of the most popular tourism sites is the Cave of Thieves, and it is here that a traveler will see evidence of human activity dating from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic eras too.

Today, however, most people make Baile travel, or Baile Herculane, plans in order to take advantage of the fantastic spas that fill the area. These exist because of the natural hot springs of the region. Visitors enjoy the mineral rich waters and negatively ionized air, and were doing so long before the current period.

This means that the number one “to do” item on your Baile travel plans must be a visit to the official Spa building. This is an elaborate and decorative structure dating to the nineteenth century. It has been maintained to a better degree than some of the other bath and spa houses, and this makes it a great destination for everyone visiting the springs.


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Sightseeing Of Baile Herculane

The only peak season for this spot, due to its milder weather and generally favorable conditions, is in the month of August when the Hercules Folklore Festival occurs. Legend has it that Hercules visited this area, and so the people of the town honor him by hosting days of parades, dancing, and activities. This is a great place to find local arts and crafts as well as to hear some excellent Romanian storytelling!

As already stated, the geography and climate of this region show an average temperature holding at 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.Though this is not cold, it is certainly comfortable enough to visit during any season.