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Welcome to City of Bucharest

Romania's capital city of Bucharest is still one of the most exotic destinations in the world. Interestingly enough, it is also among the most commercial and industrial cities in that part of the world as well.

With a population of more than two million, this city can rival many others throughout Europe and North America in terms of conveniences and traveler's amenities. When making Bucharest travel plans it helps to know that the city is often referred to as “the Little Paris”, and this means that you can easily anticipate finding the same mix of cultures, architectural styles, and even cultural institutions as you do in a cosmopolitan location such as Paris.

As you develop your Bucharest travel plans remember that the city has one of the most modernized public transit systems. This is great because, though walking tours are abundant and fascinating, it is nice to have an alternative approach to getting around town.


Bucharest Map


Sightseeing Of Bucharest

The main sites to see during any visit to Bucharest include the Parliament Palace, the Old City Center (which is a good mix of ruins, old buildings, clubs, shops, cafes, and cobblestone courts), the Village Museum, the Revolution Square, the Botanical Garden, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the National History Museum, Stavropoleos Church, Cismigiu Garden, Herastrau Park, and the main boulevard of Piata Romana.

Clearly, you'll have plenty to do in the city, but if you have made your way all of the way to Romania you may want to take the 20 mile drive out to Snagov. This is the legendary home of Vlad the Impaler who has inspired centuries of vampire stories, including the most famous of them all – Dracula!

Remember too that winter weather is very cold, so if you were hoping to do a lot of walking, be sure that your Bucharest travel plans are for the summer months.