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Russia Travel Guide

Engaging Cities and Magnificent Scenery
in the World’s Largest Country - Russia

Russia is by far the largest country in the world spanning a large portion of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. This country's travel destinations are dynamic and abundant in number. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the most popular destinations in Russia, but they are not the only options available. Russia is a massive country with a lot of diversity in atmospheres and culture. Russia travel options are hard to contain since they are so numerous, and it is important to weigh all of your different options before selecting the city that is best for your Russia vacation.


The capital city is home to a delightful collection of architectural styles, museums, art history, and other activities for an explorer. The architecture is interesting and vibrant displaying bright colors in castle shaped designs. The St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow is a perfect example of this type of architecture. Sophistication and elegance is easy to find in this city; just visit one of the opera houses, theatres, or the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. The city is home to many talented artists, authors, and composers. In addition to the culture and history of the country, shopping is revitalized in the country with Moscow being defined as ‘brand-obsessed.' Top designers and fashion icons are showcased in some areas of Moscow. A guide can help you navigate the country.


A travel tour would be a great way to experience Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia since the local guides will have more information than you could find in travel guides on video or in books. Although travel guides would be a good source of information on flights, hotel accommodations, restaurants, and shopping. A stop in St. Petersburg is sure to be magical because of the waterways located beneath the palace gates and the beautiful canals. The largest art museum in the world is located in St. Petersburg, and this destination is one of the most popular for its natural beauty and style. You can even take a cruise to St. Petersburg, what a lovely way to travel!

Russian is the official language in Russia, but young people and educated people may be versed in English or other languages. It is important to have a basic grasp of Russian so that you will be able to converse with most of the citizens in the country. The Ruble is used for currency in Russia, and since the currency exchange rate is constantly in fluctuation, it is good to check right before your trip to know how your money will transfer to the Ruble.

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