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Welcome to City of Moscow

Let us just begin any discussion about Moscow travel plans with one simple fact – the city is just too massive to attempt to see in a short period of time. This means that you must allow yourself at least a full week in the city proper if you hope to get a good “feel” for your surroundings and to take in a large number of sites.

With that said, Moscow is the capital of Russia, and also the largest city on the European continent. It has a fascinating and lengthy history and is situated along the Moskva River. Any understanding of the city's layout requires that you recognize its use of “ring roads”, much like the arrondisement system of Paris. You don't need to master these rings to get around, but if you familiarize yourself with their purpose, it will help you to navigate such an expansive territory as the city of Moscow.

Getting in and around Moscow is relatively simple, and you should focus your attention on making some organized Moscow travel plans that allow you to use the public transportation to the greatest extent.


Moscow Map


Sightseeing Of Moscow

The sites that you must include on a list of “to see” items includes the world famous Red Square with its St. Basil's Cathedral, the History Museum, and Lenin's Tomb; you must also include a visit to the Kremlin since this is packed with attractions and sights; the Bolshoi Theater; Old Arbat Street for some of the best souvenirs throughout all of Russia; Gorky Park; The Russian State Library which is known to be one of the largest in the world; and the Moscow Zoo.

Don't forget that Russian winter weather is very harsh. Though the city never changes its routine during this cold season, a visitor unused to the snow, ice and freezing temperatures may not be able to acclimate. Instead of risking this, it is a good idea to plan a trip during the warmer months of May through October.