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Saint Petersburg Travel


Welcome to City of Saint Petersburg

If Moscow is the capital city and political heart of Russia, then Saint Petersburg is the cultural center. It is the second largest city in the country and home to almost 5 million people. It is located along the Baltic Sea and near the Neva River. Unlike many other spots, the location of Saint Petersburg creates seasonal conditions that allow for “peak” tourist times. The months of June through September are the warmest and it is all of June that sees the most tourist visits into the city.

Like Moscow, Saint Petersburg has a great infrastructure that makes transportation simple and easy. This means that you can focus a lot of energy on formulating the best Saint Petersburg travel plans possible. A good solid list of “must see” attractions would include the entire Historic Center (which has made the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list). You must also visit the Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace because it is the home of more than three million pieces of art. No visit to the city would be complete with a walk to the bridges on the Neva after dark, and the Peter and Paul Fortress is a great spot to dedicate an entire day or afternoon.


Saint Petersburg Map


Sightseeing Of Saint Petersburg

Most travelers also head to Vasilievsky Island to see the Exchange Building, the Andreyevsky Cathedral, and the natural phenomenon known as the fountain in waters of Neva River at the spit of Vasilievsky Island. The Rostral Columns are another popular destination, and the ultimate experience for all travelers to Saint Petersburg is a night at the Opera or the Ballet.

If you have the time, a canal boat tour is also an innovative way to take in some of the architectural sites as well, and it is along Griboedova Canal where some of the best souvenirs can be purchased at affordable prices too!