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Welcome to City of Samara

The sixth largest city in all of Russia is Samara. It has an eastern location near the Volga and Samara Rivers. It is the home to more than one million people and is one of the strongest political, economic, social, and industrial locations in the country. To say that is remarkably industrialized is an understatement, but that does not mean that it is devoid of culture. In fact, it has its own opera and ballet, several theaters, and an orchestra. It is also the home to schools and colleges that currently number near 200 individual institutions.

The city is also the primary auto producing site in the country as well. The industry along with the many colleges and universities make Samara a place that loves its night life, beaches, clubs, restaurants, and entertainment. This means that your Samara travel plans will have to incorporate a lot of activities that are focused on socializing or entertainment.


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Sightseeing Of Samara

We would recommend a visit to the Zhigulyovsk brewery to get a good taste of the region, and then grab some tickets to this city's classic circus and spend an evening wondering at the human performers doing classic and modern acts. The City Art Museum is also a “must see” while in the area, as well as the older Museum of Natural History too.

If you are interested sports, you will be able to get Russian Premier League tickets to a football (soccer) match or a women's basketball club too!

Because of the location of this city, the weather may be a bit on the cooler side during the winter months. In fact, this region is known for hot summers and cold winters, so if you wanted to take advantage of any of the outdoor activities schedule your trip during the warmer months of June through September.