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Welcome to City of Siberia

The largest region in all of Russia, Siberia is also famous for its harsh weather. It is seen as containing three distinct regions, however, and not all have the same conditions. There is Eastern, Krasnoyarsk Krai, and Western Siberia. The west is home to large swampy regions and heavy forests, the eastern area is mountainous and relatively hospitable, and it is really only the far northern district where the miserable winter weather dominates.

When making Siberia travel plans you are going to have to include a ride on the Siberian Railway because it is the only form of transportation that crosses the region. As you begin making your plans, remember that most of what you will be doing is going to be outdoors. Siberia is not a place full of cultural institutions and entertainment venues. You will find that eco tourism is the primary attraction, and the best spot for this is the Gorny Altai or the Mountainous Altai. It is here that people spend weeks on end doing such things as mountaineering, white water rafting, and camping.


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Sightseeing Of Siberia

In addition to general eco tourism, there are opportunities for staying out in the wilderness with “nomads”. There are several groups of ethnic nomads who are happy to host campers for extended stays. The most common are in the Kazym and Yasunt areas.

Currently the most frequently visited region in Siberia is Kamchatka, which has not felt the heavy impact of the tourism industry. This is also the place where a lot of lovely natural sanctuaries can be found as well. So, if you want your Siberia travel plans to include bird watching, swimming in lakes or fjords, and hiking among the rolling hills, then this is the place to choose.

There are not many opportunities for heading into the northern regions of Siberia, and you should not just book a trip without checking on the safety of the region in terms of weather and transportation.