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San Marino Visitors Guide to Travel Destinations and Attractions

Two million visitors travel to San Marino each year. Italians visit San Marino most frequently, but some other foreigners make the voyage to the small country as well. Most Italian visitors do not stay long, but they are still part of what makes San Marino such a vibrant country. San Marino is located at the edge of the Italian Peninsula. This country is the third smallest in Europe, but still offers enchanting architecture and lovely beaches to attract travelers. The capital is also San Marino, and a guide may be the most helpful tool to help you navigate the city.


San Marino travel has a number of attractions including the three towers located at the peak of a mountain called Monte Titano. These are very significant symbols to San Marino, and to symbolize that, they have been emblazoned on both the coat of arms and the national flag. Two towers can be explored with the proper card color red allows you to visit both, yellow allows you to visit one and the third tower cannot be accessed because there is no entrance to the tower. The Towers are named Guaita, Cesta, and Montale. Guaita and Cesta are open for viewing, but Montale is not. Some other important landmarks to note in San Marino are the Cathedral of San Marino, the medieval Palazzo Publico, the Museo San Francesco, and the Piazza della Liberta.


The language spoken is a fluid, clear Italian without much regional variance. Italian culture heavily influences San Marino because of the huge influx of Italian nationals into the country's borders every year. The currency is the Euro so if you are not a member of the European Union, make sure to check currency exchange rates as they are constantly fluctuating. It is also advisable to look into international medical insurance in case of accident or injury while abroad. Catholicism is a central religion in San Marino.


San Marino hotels and resorts are usually upscale and very nice, but it is best to consult with a travel agent or a video travel guide to determine the best accommodations for your stay. The most notable hotel in San Marino is the Grand Hotel San Marino. Shopping in one of the several piazzas is another great attribute offered in San Marino, and there are many different shopping centers and markets to find anything from inexpensive clothing to high-priced luxury items.