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When you tell people that you are making San Marino City travel plans they may not even know where you mean because this is the third smallest state in all of Europe (apart from the Vatican and Monaco). It is tucked into a northern area of Italy and is landlocked, but with excellent views of the Adriatic coast from all locations.

There is not a massive city that serves as the capital of San Marino City, only the town of San Marino City itself. It is a walled city of ancient origins and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The towns that do dot the landscape are mostly industrial locations striving to create a national economy.

When you make San Marino City travel plans, you will have to dedicate at least one full day to a tour of the capital itself. The walled city and its three towers can be toured in a matter of a few hours. The rest of the city is easily walked and almost free from cars. One of the things that most visitors to the city say is that the narrow streets are really enchanting and contain all kinds of fascinating shops, cafes and more.

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Nearby to the city is San Marino City Lake where a day of fishing rarely goes unrewarded. We suggest partnering any fresh “catch of the day” with a bottle of one of the local beers. If you have no luck with your fishing expedition to the lake, by all means stop in at one of the many cafes in the city in order to have a delicious local meal along with one of those beers.

A word of warning about souvenirs in this area – it may be tempting to acquire one of the beautiful handmade blades that are so popular in this region but they can be very difficult to get through customs. Other than that, buy any of the wonderful goods you find in the city's shops.