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San Marino Tourist Information and Tips


  • A lot of the souvenir shops sell weapons, from swords to B-B guns.
  • Like other states which have the Euro as their currency, San Marino has its own patterns on the back of the Euro coins. You can try to obtain these coins by simply going around buying things and collecting the coins that way, but a quicker solution is to buy the set in a souvenir shop. Unfortunately, these sets seem to lack the 1 and 2 coins.

Prices for items such as disposable cameras and batteries are cheaper in San Marino than they are in Italy. This is partly because in San Marino you don't have to pay the 20% IVA (sales tax) that you have to pay in Italy.


Obviously Italian dishes, like lasagne, spaghetti alla bolognese, gelato (italian ice-cream), and whatever you eat in Italy.

Supermarkets in San Marino are few and far-between, although the following can help in this area:

  • Conad . Azzurro Shopping Center, V M Moretti 23, Serravalle SM 03508
  • Sma Supermercati . Via del Passetto 113, Fiorentino SM


  • The local beer is very tasty.
  • Spirits are also very commonly found, especially Limoncello, a lemon liquor.
  • Try the locally produced wine.
  • The coffee, like in its Italian neighbour, is superb.


Although San Marino has a few hotels, the seaside resort of Rimini has a lot more and is probably a cheaper option.

  • Sunflower Beach Backpackers Hostels , via Dardanelli 102 & via Siracusa 25, Rimini Beach , ? +39 0541373432 ( info@sunflowerhostel.com ), . A Beach Youth hostels within walking ditance from the beach, train/bus station,Pubs and Discos. and local attractions. Situated in the Beach Side Center. Free breakfast Internet and WiFi, laundry facilities, fully equipped kitchen, 24hr security, Bycicles, Bar open 24H, Parties and Concerts. Open all year. Your Youth Hostels in Rimini Riccione and San Marino Repubblic. from 14 per person .
  • Grand Hotel San Marino , The Grand Hotel San Marino rises on the peak of Monte Titano, close to the Rocche and the Old Town Center. With a few minutes stroll you will find yourself immersed in the rich culture and history of this city.



Stay safe

San Marino is a safe country with no real threat from terrorists or war. Like in any other place that attracts many tourists, you should watch out for pickpockets.


Source: Wikitravel.org